Technology fails and becomes irrelevant

I don't know your age, but I know in the short time I have lived we have gone through floppy disks, vhs, dvd, blueray, usb, mp3, mp4, and the list goes on and on.

Laptops don't even offer a usb port half the time anymore and they definitely don't have a disk drive.

My wedding photos are lost somewhere on one of my dozens of hard-drives and it would take me hours to even locate them at this point.

Uplifts your children

There has actually been a study done on this! When children grow up in a home seeing positive family relationships displayed as artwork in their home everyday, they have a better sense of self-worth, belonging, and confidence!

It's a conversation starter

How cool would it be to have a large framed canvas of your family on the wall instead of a picture of a bowl of fruit or a landscape? People would walk into your home and immediately see how much you all love each other as a family.

Or imagine years down the road, you have a full house of grandchildren and one finds your heirloom family photo album from when their parents were a child. They bring it to you and ask you all these questions about what their mom was like. Where was it taken?

These tangible images will be cherished and talked about for years and years.