More than a Mini

The inspiration for our new and improved session...

Charlotte and I had such a blast with Vanessa and her little girl during this get to know you hike and session. I was starting to get cabin fever with the amount of rain we had come down over the past few weeks, lockdown and just in general being a stay at home mom with a new baby. Finding her on instagram was a sign for me. Scrolling through her feed of cute butterfly bows, I saw a few pictures of her and her daughter. I decided to reach out via direct message and see if she wanted a session.

We started planning our session, choosing the location and time. As she was busy with online school during the day we decided to meet up at 5 PM as the trail would probably be less busy over the supper hour. Since her daughter is young, I suggested we do a little picnic in case she was used to eating around that time. I didn't know until I posted a sneak peek of her gallery, how special that suggestion meant to them.

You have me in tears, of how sweet that picture is. That picnic basket belonged to my mom, and I thought we threw it out or gave it to good will, but the weekend before you messaged me we had just found it in the garage in a box. I started to cry of how happy I was to have found it, because I wanted it so badly. So when you suggested a picnic I jumped on that, because I had just found that basket. So a little of my mama was in that picture.
A bear! We're going on a bear hunt!

As soon as they arrived at my chosen location of George Langman Sanctuary outside of Orillia, her little girl immediately greeted Charlotte and I with, "A bear! We're going on a bear hunt!" I had no clue what she was talking about of course. Vanessa tells me she saw the bear carving at the front gates. Her favourite book by Michael Rosen is called, We're Going On A Bear Hunt, and she reads it almost every night. Perfect, I thought, we can use this in our session!

We started off on our hike and introduced ourselves, talking about motherhood and our small businesses; and hunting for bears.

Creative Cuts By Nessa

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More than a Mini Info

  • 30 minute outdoor session with Candice of Kay Kiss Photography
  • Professional online gallery for download and to share via email or social media
  • 30 edited high resolution and web sized images for download
  • $25 digital gift card towards our store or future session
  • Assistance with wardrobe choice

Safety Measures

  • Client and photographer will be screened before the session
  • Photographer wears a mask during the entire session
  • Photographer will utilize a 70-200mm zoom lens and keep distance
  • Sanitizer and Clorox wipes available
Honestly I appreciate it so much, it was nice doing my hair and talking with another mamma, only interaction I've had is virtual or with my husband.
It was completely safe, and socially distanced, I felt safe. (And I can be a crazy pants).

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Highlights from vanessa's session

You're very talented that's for sure and I can't wait to see the other pictures. Thanks again for capturing this, and I loved every moment. Now I want to book a session for my husband and Nella to do.