As a photographer, let's just say our busy season is not in the winter but I'm here to tell you why winter family pictures might be the best option for you.

Earlier Sunsets

As a mom with a toddler, I totally understand how important the bedtime routine is but as a photographer, bedtime sucks. Bedtime is usually at or before the ultimate time to take pictures - Golden hour. Golden hour is the last hour in the day and is the most beautiful when it comes to light. It's the best time to take family photos but in the summer it is usually at or past our little one's bedtimes. Even if you are willing to deviate on bedtime, it sometimes means that the child won't smile or cooperate for the camera. During winter, golden hour is much earlier and still just as beautiful!

Winter Clothing & Accessories

Most winter family photo outfits are really beautiful captured on camera. It may sound weird, but a huge element in art and photography is texture. A great way to add texture to a photo is - clothing! Think: wool, corduroy, denim, leather, fake fur, chunky knits, cute beanies, gloves, mittens, scarves, boots and blankets. The sky is the limit here. If you're having trouble styling your family for an outdoor winter photography session don't hesitate to reach out! Part of my process is helping you with this.

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